• Co-Creator of the comics: The BOYS, Oliver, Transmetropolitan, Happy! and Ballistic 
  • Creator of the 1980’s black and white indie comic Space Beaver
  • Creator of the comic and character Ripfire for Malibu’s Ultraverse Comics
  • Co-Creator of the comic and character The Night Man for Malibu’s Ultraverse Comics


  • The Seven and the cast of the The BOYS 
  • Happy, Nick Sax, Very Bad Santa and the cast of Happy!
  • Spider Jerusalem, his two headed-cat and the cast of Transmetropolitan
  • Oliver and the cast of Oliver
  • Designed the characters Tamara, Alexander Solomon, Kurt Jameson, and El Fuego, and redesigned Kris Hathaway for Valiant’s Harbinger: Renegade
  • “Bob” the mascot of Storm King Productions for president of the company, Sandy Carpenter, and movie directer, John Carpenter
  • Butch, Gun and the cast of Ballistic
  • Dante and the Cast of Dante for Top Cow Comics
  • The characters and cast of Ripfire and The Night Man for Malibu’s Ultraverse Comics
  • Characters for Malibu’s Ultraverse Comics: The Strangers including Zip-Zap, Electrocute, and Lady Killer
  • Multiple character designs and redesigns for Marvel’s New Warriors, including Firestar, Nova, Justice, Rage, Speedball, Namorita (later to become his design of Kymaera) and Hindsight Lad
  • If only there was room to list them all…
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  • Darick has professionally illustrated hundreds of comics since high school, for countless mainstream and independent publishers including but not limited to Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant, Black Mask, Top Cow, Dynamite, Dark Horse, and more
  • Co-created and illustrated of the Eisner Award nominated series Transmetropolitan
  • Co-created and illustrated Happy! adapted for television by NBC Universal and SyFy in 2017
  • Co-created and illustrated the Eisner Award nominated series The BOYS adapted for television by Amazon Prime Video set to debut in the summer of 2019
  • Co-created and illustrated Oliver released in 2019
  • In addition to comics, Darick has illustrated and created storyboards for advertising including Hillshire Farms, Columbia Sportswear, and T-Mobile
  • Designed characters for Radio Shack’s 2012 “Holiday Heroes” national campaign for the Butler, Shine and Stern Agency
  • Illustrated Raw Data, a comic book for the virtual reality game developed by Survios
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  • Space Beaver, a black and white fan favorite, written in 1986 the sole publication of Ten Buck Comics
  • Ripfire a character created in 1993 for Malibu’s Ultraverse Comics
  • Short stories of Spider-Man
  • An issue of Spider-Man Team Up with “Gambit” from the X-Men
  • Short stories for The New Warriors annuals
  • The critically acclaimed Conan: The Weight of the Crown for Dark Horse Comics in 2009
  • Wrote and illustrated Bad Knight, Good Knight, a relaunch of the classic Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
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